IMPReSs members are participating to different national and international scientific networks dedicated to the investigation of membrane proteins and associated proteins. Our involvement and level of expertise in the field have been validated by a number of publications and 4 patent applications.

Since the IMPReSs facility was created in 2012, more than 100 collaborative research and service projects have been achieved. These projects are/were conducted both for industrial partners such as Avacta, Calixar, Domain Therapeutics, NovAlix, NMRTech, Sanofi, Servier, Synthelis and Xtal-concepts, as well as within scientific collaborations with academics labs from IBMC, ICS, IGBMC and IPHC institutes in Strasbourg, CBMN in Bordeaux, IBS in Grenoble, IBCP and ISA in Lyon, CBS, IBMM, IGF in Montpellier, University of Avignon, UPMC in Paris, Copenhagen University (Denmark), Butantan Institute (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Scripps Research Institute (San Diego, USA), Ghent University (Belgium).