Common services

The UMR 7242 Biotechnology and Cell Signalling has administrative and common services intended to support its research effort.

Administrative and Financial Department

The administrative and financial department manages research contracts, staff recruitment, administrative formalities and order tracking.


The communications department defines the overall communication strategy for the unit. It organizes scientific activities, public events and communication actions towards the institutions and the general public in order to promote the image of the unit.

Laboratory dishes and culture media

This service is responsible for washing and sterilizing dishes, as well as preparing dishes and culture media for the research labs.

Logistics and maintenance

The logistics and maintenance service is responsible for the maintenance of the technical installations and the layout of the building and research laboratories.

Health and Safety

The health and safety committee is responsible for good laboratory practices in terms of health and safety. It disseminates safety rules, ensures compliance with good laboratory practices in the laboratories, manages the handling of chemical and biological waste in accordance with regulations and manages relations with the occupational medicine department.

Radiation protection

The Persons in charge of radiation protection (PCRs) advise users authorized to handle radioactive elements with regard to radiation protection matters. They ensure the training of people, compliance with the rules for handling radioelements, and the elimination of waste in conjunction with the competent safety authorities.


The training correspondents make the link between the laboratory and the regional CNRS training office. They collect individual and collective training needs, disseminate training offers, and participate in the writing, implementation and monitoring of the Unit Training Plan.