Word from the director

The UMR 7242 "Biotechnology and cell signaling" is a joint research unit supported by the CNRS and the University of Strasbourg.

Through its scientific orientations, the UMR 7242 is at the crossroads of biology and chemistry. Our research teams combine functional and structural genomics, biological chemistry (molecular screening) and biological engineering to decode cell signaling pathways and develop new molecules and biotechnological tools for therapeutic purposes. They are particularly interested in the themes of genome integrity and cell membrane communication.

The institute is housed in the research building of the Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg (ESBS) and hosts a large number of ESBS lecturers and professors. The unit is therefore in direct connection with the teaching offered by the ESBS and reflects the diversity of the research themes necessary for a harmonious articulation of teaching and research activities.

The institute is located in the Illkirch campus south of Strasbourg, and builds on the local skills of our neighbors at the Faculty of Pharmacy and the IGBMC. We support scientific cooperation and animation between the research institutes of the campus in order to promote the scientific strategy of the campus at the interface of functional, chemical and structural genomics.

The UMR 7242 has about one hundred researchers, lecturers, post-docs, doctoral students, engineers, technicians and administrative staff. Thanks to its technical platforms and common services, and access to the scientific equipment and technological platforms of the campus, the institute offers a working environment that fosters scientific excellence.


Jean-Luc GALZI, Director of the UMR 7242